Who Buys Junk Cars? A Brief Guide to Junk Car Companies

ave you ever wondered who buys junk cars? Here is a guide to junk car companies and how you can get cash for your vehicle.

Did you know that the number of cars Americans buy over their lifetime is gradually reducing, from 13 pre-recession to 9.4 currently? Even so, this is still around 9 times you would have to find a way to discard your old car and buy a new one.

Wrecked vehicles are seen in a car junkyard

If you end up using your old car for quite a while, it’s going to be decrepit, and hard to sell to another individual. You will have to find a junkyard or some other company that buys junk cars for cash. But who buys junk cars and why?

Read on to find out more about junking your car.

What Are Junk Car Companies?

There are hundreds of junk car companies that are involved in recycling old cars and reusing all that scrap metal and more for other purposes. Not only that but 80% of a car can be recycled, which should make you feel better about scraping a car and buying a new one.

Also, every year 25 million tons of material is recycled from old vehicles. When you find a junk car company to take over your junked car, you will get a bit of cash for it, of course. But more than that, you can feel good knowing that you aren’t just being a burden on the environment in this manner.

Junk car companies receive applications from hundreds of people every week with old cars, but they don’t take every single one of them. It has to be a viable prospect for them, that is, they should be able to make money from the deal. There are some things you can do to sweeten the deal for them, but we will speak about that later.

Junk Car Companies Do Quite a Bit with Junked Cars

Not only are junk car companies recycling car material, but there are other things they can do with old vehicles as well.

If the vehicle isn’t too decrepit, the company might end up fixing the car and reselling it at a higher price, so they can cover their expenses and get a bit extra. In this manner, someone who couldn’t afford a new car or is on a tight budget can get an older vehicle that can get them from one place to another.

Other junk car companies also buy old cars to get parts to fix up or build new custom cars. The car is gutted, and all usable parts are kept as they are. From then on, a custom engine, wheels, and a brand new paint job get added to the mix.

These custom cars are big business nowadays and can sell for quite a bit of money. So don’t feel for selling your fixer-upper car to a junk car company. Your old vehicle is not as useless as you might imagine.

If the car isn’t customized, the junk car company can also take the parts that work well from the junked car and sell it to those who need these parts. Perhaps someone has an old vehicle that would do well with a new battery or a new engine. Your junk car could act as an ‘organ donor’ to these other vehicles.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, the steel and iron from the car, the car batteries, and various other parts are recycled.

Take note that some charity organizations will pick up your junked car for free, so take advantage of this, if you feel like supporting them.

How to Entice a Junk Car Company to Buy Your Vehicle

Since junk car companies are constantly being inundated by junk car owners, you will want to ensure you stand out from the rest. You will want to get cash for your vehicle from these companies as soon as possible, so you can go buy that new car you desire.

Firstly, make sure that your car is impeccably clean. This means no cigarette butts in your car, no old fast food packets, and no stinky cat smell.

Get it professionally cleaned, if possible. It might seem like a pain in the butt to do this and expensive to boot, but if you can get a higher cash offer from the junk car company by taking this step, it’s worth it.

Secondly, make sure to do a bit of research online before going over to a junk car company. Research what your car’s worth is on the market, and also, check out customer reviews on the junk car companies you’ve chosen. This will tell you which companies are known for being scammers in the business and which ones have a good rep.

Thirdly, make sure you do not go to only one junk car company. Visit several companies throughout the weekend and get offers from all of them. Not only will this give you an idea of how much your car is worth, but it will also give you leverage when you want to bargain with them.

Remember, if you have a rare car or a collectible vehicle, make sure you bargain up and negotiate hard. Your car is worth a lot and if they don’t see it, then find a hobbyist or collector for your car instead.

Who Buys Junk Cars? – There Are So Many Options for You

In today’s world, cars are an asset and have a high resell value, even if old and decrepit. That’s why you need to take advantage of this situation and get the biggest cash offer for your junk car.

Now that you know who buys junk cars, you can start the process to get moolah for your old vehicles. With a bit of prep work and haggling, you can walk away with a wad of cash in hand.

Get an instant and free quote for your vehicle today by contacting us. We buy vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and in all sorts of conditions. Receive top dollar for your junk car today.

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