Where Do Broken Cars Go: Best Markets to Sell Your Junk Car

After quite some time, seeing your old broken car parked at your garage becomes a nuisance. Aside from consuming space, it doesn’t provide any functional purpose anymore, giving you the urge to dispose of it and just get rid of it. 

So, where do broken cars go? To a junk shop? To the garage next door? How about the idea of selling it to make some cash out of it? Yes, you can sell your broken car—all you need to do is choose from a bevy of places where cars for cash are guaranteed no matter their current condition, even if they are broken beyond repair.

Read this blog closely to learn the best place to sell your broken car that will give you the right valuation. Read on and weigh your options.

Sell It in Parts

One option to think about is disassembling your car, scavenging the parts you can sell, and discarding parts that you won’t have use for. Sell each piece for a different price to different places where they are valuable. But if you are not into disassembling car parts, the process can be tedious and a hassle for you.

If you find disassembling car pieces a doable task, go for it because the advantage is getting more value for different pieces. Add them up, and you can get pretty good money. On the flip side, you still need to take care of some parts that you discarded for disposal, giving you some extra tasks after tiring yourself from haggling with different markets for the valuable pieces.

Go to Mechanics

People who have an eye for junk cars are car enthusiasts and mechanics. Skilled mechanics buy broken vehicles, repair them, and sell them for a reasonable price. Some keep certain essential car parts, so they’ll have a wide collection of various car pieces to choose from when doing repairs.

On the one hand, you won’t think about the towing process as they’ll be the ones to take care of it. On the other hand, you can’t guarantee getting the absolute best price for your old car.

Go Online for Junk Car Dealers

Online junk car dealers are the go-to markets if you want a quick turn-around selling time for your old car. On the search engine, simply type “junk car owners near me,” and you’ll see a bunch of sites waiting for you to be clicked and visited. With plenty of options, you should find the best deal for your junk car. A good junk car dealer offers reasonable pricing for your old car, considering its condition, model, among others.

What’s good about this option? You get a good price, plus you get free towing as well. The downside is that you need to be very careful in choosing the right junk car dealer to partner with to avoid scammers.

Steps in Selling Your Junk Car

To jumpstart your car selling, consider the following procedures to have a fruitful car selling experience.

  1. Know your buyer
  2. Secure important documents
  3. Compare prices
  4. Agree on the car handling
  5. Adhere to Salvage Vehicle Regulations
  6. Report the sale to your car’s insurance company


When it comes to selling your junk car, choosing the best market is the first step to success. After selecting the market, choose the specific dealer to partner with by comparing prices and considering conditions and agreements. Finally, follow the steps mentioned above to make a hassle-free car sale, making cash out of your trash.

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